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How do I pay my bill?

Paystar offers a variety of payment options. To find out what your options are, please visit your biller’s website.

Do I have to pay a fee?

Paystar has several pricing models that are specific to each biller. For more information on if there is a fee related to making a payment, please visit the company’s website directly. In some cases, there will be a service fee paid directly to Paystar for providing these services which will be clearly presented to the payer.

Should I contact my Biller or Paystar?

For inquiries on your account information, such as questions about your bill or balance, please contact the biller directly.

Who is Paystar?

Paystar is an electronic bill presentment and payments software that provides modern tools for billers such as government agencies, utility companies, and other businesses to offer their customers the most convenient and user friendly options to pay their bills online or over the phone.

Why am I seeing a charge from Paystar?

If you are seeing a charge on your bank account to Paystar, it is most likely a service fee related to making a payment to an entity that offers a Paystar solution to their customers. The entity will be directly above or below the Paystar charge on your statement.

How do I report fraud?

Many charges in question are answered from the above question. However, if you believe this charge is a mistake or fraudulent we want to help anyway we can to help make it right for you. Please contact Paystar Support at (225) 228-6250 or send an email to help@paystar.io

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